JBC Construction provides Consulting, Pre-Construction, General Contracting, Construction Management, Design / Build and Post-Construction services. Our attention to detail is evident in all the services we provide.


JBC Construction works with potential clients during the site selection, existing conditions survey and feasibility phases of their endeavors. Making informed decisions very early in this process are critical to accurate initial budgeting and the overall success of a project should it move forward. Performing these functions for an owner allows them to continue performing their daily responsibilities while consulting JBC to address their future needs. 


We realize that taking on a project can be very overwhelming. We will assist you in determine whether the potential location will fit your needs without excessive costs due to the existing conditions. JBC will develop a design team that will best serve those needs in a cost-effective manner. Developing accurate budgets are also critical to the project’s success. Our client’s needs, existing conditions, constructability, scheduling and value engineering all play a major role in developing those budgets.  


JBC Construction is committed to your project. In any successful construction project, the owner and general contractor must work as a team. We will collaborate with you, the design team, our trusted subcontractors and municipalities within your project’s jurisdiction to fulfill your vision. Coordination of the schedule, safety, tradesmen, materials and equipment management are all contributors to an efficient project which will save you time and money! 


There are many different trades and specialties involved in projects of all sizes. JBC Construction has the experience to know and understand these trades and specialties to best schedule and manage the project. We will oversee the construction of your project and take responsibility for all aspects including budgeting, permit acquisition, contracts, subcontractor bidding, construction schedule and comprehensive management of the entire construction project process. We use our relationships with our most trusted trade professionals to build a cohesive team for your project.


Due to our experience in the design build method JBC Construction believes this is a faster and more controlled way to deliver your project. This collaborative approach greatly limits change orders by bringing the project team together early in the process. We perform the following functions for Design / Build projects.


Relying on the relationships we’ve built throughout the years enables us to provide a single-source responsibility to serve our client’s needs for future preventative, scheduled and emergency maintenance situations as well as upgrading existing building systems and its components.